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Telecommunications Solutions Benefits:
Improved Customer Experience
and Cost Savings


For over 10 years, our suite of telecommunications solutions have helped improve our customers' bottom line. These applications are proven in the field and will benefit your company by:

  • Improving customer satisfaction by helping you manage orders and provisioning more accurately and quickly
  • Helping your customer service people provide better information, thus giving customers a better experience and, as a result, increasing customer loyalty and decreasing churn
  • Increasing your back office efficiency for more customer responsiveness (and better cost control for you!)

MiiGS - Metex Integrated Interconnect Gateway Suite
The MiiGS suite offer the benefits of an integrated gateway solution, including a shared architecture and transport mechanism that allows for an extremely reliable interchange of data between carriers and reduces time between request and reply through an end-to-end automated process. Every component may be used independently and can be integrated within a range of environments.

MORS - Metex Order Registration System (Data Loader)
MORS is a data loading tool that automates the transfer of data from any Customer Care/Front-end Data Entry application into MetaSolv's TBS system. This software replaces the manual re-keying of customer and order information, thus reducing the cost and elapsed time to complete this work and speeding up the provisioning process.

ACME - Account Code Maintenance Environment
ACME allows you to manage and manipulate the long distance account codes of your customers. It interfaces with MetaSolv's TBS Oracle database via a Web browser for fast, accurate input to your main database.

Wireless Solutions
Learn about Metex's wireless applications for sales force automation, dispatchers and wealth management.

Supported By An Experienced Team In Which You Can Have Confidence
Metex's Telecom Practice comprises experienced telecom industry software professionals with expertise in Metasolv, Vitria and other leading solutions and technologies. Our Telecom consultants have an outstanding record of contributing from the planning and requirements phases through design and coding and on to data-migration and testing in order to meet the needs of our customers

Metex Integrated Interconnect Gateway Suite (MiiGs)
Benefits of the MiiGS integrated gateway solution include a shared architecture and transport mechanisms that allow for an extremely reliable interchange of data between carriers. MiiGs can reduce the time between request and reply through an end-to-end, automated process. Whether it is LNP (Local Number Portability), LSR (Local Service Request), PIC/CARE or 411 and 911 services, the Metex MiiGs solution delivers a suite of products that not only ensures effective integration, but also meets the challenges of today's telecom environment. Each component framework within the MiiGs solution is available independently, and Metex can enable flexible, customizable integration with your existing systems within a range of environments. Our years of experience in the telecommunications industry and our ongoing R&D ensure that whether you choose the entire MiiGs solution or simply components, your enterprise will benefit from unsurpassed performance and time-to-deployment.

MiiGs Components

The Metex Primary Inter-Exchange Carrier/Customer Account Record Exchange (PIC/CARE) solution or module can be configured for deployment in a range of environments, and Access Carrier (AC) and Access Provider (AP) are available separately. PIC/CARE transactions are between Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) and Inter-Exchange Carriers (IXCs) and contain PIC subscriptions, account information queries, notifications and confirmations. They allow full transmission management to and from other local providers.

411 (BLIF) Gateway Application
The 411 Gateway Application permits the exchange of information between LECs, including initial file load, regular updates, and Basic Listing Interchange File (BLIF) acknowledgments. It can be implemented alone or as part of the MiiGs solution.

LNP (Local Number Portability)
The LNP product provides the end-customer with the ability to change local service provider, location and telephone services while maintaining the same telephone number, as mandated by regulations in both the United States and Canada. LNP is available alone or as part of the MiiGs solution.

LSR (Local Service Request)
The LSR product allows LECs to place local service requests with each other in order to transfer end-customer service, port telephone numbers, and lease local loop facilities from one carrier to another. A standard data interchange format has been defined for the electronic exchange of this information. LSR can be easily integrated with your existing systems, alone or as part of the MiiGs solution.

911 Gateway Application
Metex's 911 Gateway Application is designed to transfer data between the system of record and the 911 database, and will provide the requisite synchronization between the systems. Alone or as part of the MiiGs solution, Metex can help Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) ensure the transport of end-customer-dialed 911 calls to the appropriate 911 call answer centre or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Available versions: Middleware Connections (ie: Vitria), Oracle, MetaSolv TBS, CORBA API
NOTE: Metex MiiGS is TBS 5.x compatible.

For inquiries or questions, please contact us.



MORS - Metex Order Registration System (Data Loader)
MORS can automatically create Product Service Requests (PSR) in the TBS database and also assign that PSR to a specified provisioning plan. In order to allow for effective tracking, MORS retains log files/reports to confirm the activity and allow for error resolution work.

Due Date Scheduling Tool
This is a monitoring tool that enables efficient scheduling of phone line implementation due dates. Developed as an add-on to MetaSolv's TBS, the Due Date Scheduling Tool is a Web-enabled solution that allows users to perform effective work load management of phone line provisioning. The goal is to view the TBS Due Date Scheduling Tool on the user's Intranet and use the color-coded aid to select the best phone line installation due date to provide to the customer.

Task Progress Summary Viewer
This management tool tracks task progress through status of provisioning orders. Developed as an add-on to MetaSolv's TBS, the Task Progress Summary Viewer is a Web-enabled tool to assist management in monitoring the internal progress of order activity across all work queues in order to be able to identify bottlenecks in the provisioning process. The tool provides a summary of the number of orders in various states (pending, ready, etc.) in selected tasks and cumulates across all work queues in the provisioning process to give a total view of the operation.

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ACME - Account Code Maintenance Environment

ACME is an application that helps companies gain and retain a competitive edge in their marketplace by letting them manage and manipulate Long Distance Account Codes electronically for faster and more accurate results. Long Distance Account Codes are used to control and identify who is using long distance service from the telephone company's network. The ACME application uses the Intra-net and the Metasolv TBS database with automated processes to interface with the TBS as required.

Three types of users can benefit from using the ACME application:

  • Users with limited updating and query capabilities of account codes
  • Superusers who have more flexibility when creating account codes
  • Administrators who would be performing maintenance operations, creation and updating of account codes and all other functions

The application performs the following functions:

  1. It allows the user to enter a Customer Account number and perform a search to see if the Customer Account exists in the database
  2. It retrieves data from the Metasolv TBS databases related to the Customer Account number entered and displays it along with Account Code details
  3. It allows you create a new Custom, Standard, or Non-verified Index for a Customer Account
  4. It allows you to delete and undelete an Index related to the Customer Account number
  5. It allows you to add a new Account Code to the Index
  6. It allows you to modify or delete an existing Account Code of an Index
  7. It allows you to design Standard Indexes, which may be used when creating a Customer Account Index
  8. It allows you to add or delete Secure Accounts
  9. It allows you to create, activate/deactivate, or delete user profiles. These profiles will be used to log into the system

ACME Workflow


Wireless Solutions

Metex Wireless Sales Force Automation Solution
A BEA WebLogic component for the Pharmaceutical industry that includes a Web-based doctor visit list, user ID list, and drug sample "leave behind" monitoring and dispatch engine.

  • A high-value wireless component designed for use in a dispatch engine
  • A high value wireless component designed for use in a RIM/Blackberry device to by pass the current issues sales reps have with notebooks, dial up, synchronization and access to back office information while on site with a doctor
  • Near real time information on Doctor visits and sample "leave behind" is immediately available to head office

You have the ability to direct highly focused promotional materials or electronic order forms right into the hands of key customers. Your sales team could follow up with immediate fax-back of important proposals and quotes. In addition, your Sales team can improve customer service through real time checking of inventory levels and pricing.

Metex Wireless Dispatch Solution
A BEA WebLogic component that includes a web based dispatch interface, user ID list and a dispatch engine. There is a corresponding component for use on a RIM/Blackberry device to increase the speed, accuracy and relevancy of information and communication between the dispatch sender and the field technician. A near real time link is provided between your Call Centers and your Field Service Teams with access to all relevant back office data. You can optimize and prioritize your Field Service Workflows dynamically. Your Field Service Teams have immediate links to back office data. In addition, call status can be checked and representatives notified immediately. Draft invoices can then be generated immediately in the field, including accurate calculations of time and materials.

Metex Personal Wealth Management Solution
A BEA WebLogic component that includes a configurator, a stock selector and a RIM device identifier. There is a corresponding component that must be installed on your RIM/Blackberry for wireless client connectivity. This wealth management component is designed for the increasing consumer demands in the financial services sector, providing a range of options to help you monitor your entire wealth portfolio. Real Time securities prices are available anytime, anywhere from Stock Ticker. Immediate alerts and news feeds relevant to your portfolio can be customized and fed directly to the RIM/Blackberry device.



In the 1990s, Metex developed applications under contract to corporations and government clients but also developed applications for specific vertical markets such as telecommunications and agriculture marketing boards. Although Metex no longer develops new applications, we continues to support and maintain applications that have been sold in the previous 10 years.



In 1999, the Metex management team created a new division that would exclusively focus on the modernization of client server applications to Java or .NET. The planned approach for this new division would be different than what many other competitor companies were doing. The Metex approach would use customized in-house automated tools that would dramatically improve productivity, but never compromise code quality.

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