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Application Modernization

The Bridge from Client Server to Modern Architectures

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A Complete Legacy Application Modernization Solution

Visual Basic to .Net Transformation
Application Modernization Rather Than Application Migration
The Metex application modernization solution is based on a process that delivers higher quality code and more architecture flexibility than standard application migration.   The Metex solution provides a new code structure in pure native-style Java or .NET that retains no characteristics of the original 4GL source language structure.   The transformed application is able to leverage powerful Java or .NET features that are not available in the original legacy environment.
Modernization that Supports Client-Specific Architecture Standards
The first step in a Metex application modernization project is to work with the client to design and confirm its architecture requirements in the new target language.   Metex offers the industry’s most flexible choice of architecture options for both Java and .NET including multiple choices for client interfaces, database connection methods, external DLL handling, report solutions, and many others.
Modernization Processes are Refined and Improved through Experience
The Metex professional services team has honed its modernization skills on numerous modernization projects of varying size and complexity over the previous ten years.   The Metex Modernization Solution follows a systematic process that ensures a predictable, high-quality result that has been validated on tens of millions of lines of transformed code.
Automated Modernization without Compromising Code Quality
To maximize project quality and deliver an efficient modernization solution, Metex utilizes a suite of advanced technology tools as an integral part of the application modernization process.   The Metex Modernization suite includes over 30 automated tools that convert 4GL code to Java or .NET platforms.   Metex has several tools for each application layer (data access, business logic and user interface) and tool selection is based on the client’s desired architecture and coding standards.   The Metex solution maximizes project efficiency and code quality by using automated tools to perform the initial modernization stages and professional services to complete the modernization process.
High Quality Native Style Java or .NET Code
The Metex application modernization process uses a suite of sophisticated automated tools that produce high quality, native-style Java or .NET code that can be easily maintained with industry standard IDE tools.   Unlike the output of other simple migration tools, Metex code includes no proprietary libraries, non-standard code or external dependencies.   The transformed code has a standard Java or .NET format that replaces problematic 4GL functions with the improved functionality available in Java and .NET.   The Metex modernization process goes beyond simple migration of a 2-tier client server application to a 3-tier Java or .NET architecture by offering a wide range of options for improving the user interface, code structure and other aspects of the application.

Metex offers the most advanced suite of automated modernization technologies in the application modernization industry.   Metex’s approach and extensive development effort has led to the creation of many tools for each layer in the modernization project (GUI, business logic and data access).   The Metex tools support a wide range of architecture options and are applied based on the client’s specific Java or .NET architecture preferences.

Solution for Application Modernization


Metex delivers transformed Java and .NET code quality similar to what you would expect from one of the Big 5 consulting firms but at a far more competitive cost.   Having successfully completed hundreds of projects for clients in over 20 countries, Metex has the technology, experience and expertise to successfully modernize your client server application with minimal time, cost and risk.


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