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Metex E-billing is an online account management solution. Our Interactive Electronic Billing and Payment application provides your customers with a Web-based self-service solution for all types of accounts payables and invoices. Metex's solution automates every key financial transaction with your customer including billing adjustment, re-ordering, proof of delivery and verification.
Having an inadequate E-billing tool can make processing E-bills very time consuming and inefficient. A very busy and over-worked billing department at any company will force management to hire additional staff, increasing labour costs. In addition, more and more companies nowadays are switching from paper to electronic billing. Thus, there is a large rationale for companies to have an efficient, and reliable E-billing tool.
Metex's solution is able to consolidate data and invoices from multiple lines of operations and transactions into one simplified bill. This will allow you to easily add new services or acquired customers without interrupting your Accounts Recievables or modifying existing systems. Metex's solution allows you and your customers to review, adjust, and analyze bill data. Customers are able to prepare spending analysis reports, search and retrieve documented bills, and your staff can monitor receivable trends in real-time and immediately adjust processes to improve cash flow. Real-time visibility into billing data and processes also enables you to streamline compliance management. Present invoices electronically to your customers, and setup notifications to alert them to the arrival of new online invoices. Workflow processes can also be set up to review disputes internally so that invoice discrepancies can be resolved efficiently. End-users can also create a workflow process that follows their existing Accounts Payable process, which facilitates fast review and payment of invoices. Collectors can quickly identify, evaluate, and prioritize past-due receivables with an integrated collections suite that greatly improves collections efficiency.
Customers are also able to use Metex as the centralized hub for all invoice distribution - both electronic and print. An online job scheduler and flexible print formats allows customers to take control of their print operations, whether the printing and distribution is done in-house or through a 3rd party provider. Metex also supports presentation and distribution of invoices via many methods including - but not limited to - the web, email, print, EDI, XML, CSV, and the Ariba Supplier Network. End-users can reprint invoices directly from the online interface, which significantly reduces support calls. Users can also reduce invoice discrepancies by creating workflow processes to review invoices before they are released to the customer. A comprehensive overview of A/R key performance indicators can be examined so that cash flow crises can be identified and corrected. Given the updated, accurate information with the customer, you are also able to then view in-depth information about your financial relationship with individual customers, which will facilitate informed credit decisions in the future, Metex has the first e-billing solution that integrates and automates all the steps required to process electronic invoices, including e-Bill generation, validation, delivery and tracking. These sets of features will allow companies to drastically improve the way in which they process their electronic invoices.

In the 1990s, Metex developed applications under contract to corporations and government clients but also developed applications for specific vertical markets such as telecommunications and agriculture marketing boards. Although Metex no longer develops new applications, we continues to support and maintain applications that have been sold in the previous 10 years.



In 1999, the Metex management team created a new division that would exclusively focus on the modernization of client server applications to Java or .NET. The planned approach for this new division would be different than what many other competitor companies were doing. The Metex approach would use customized in-house automated tools that would dramatically improve productivity, but never compromise code quality.

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