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Metex is the world’s leading provider of client server modernization solutions.

With 20 years of experience developing enterprise software applications, providing IT consulting services and transforming legacy client server applications to modern Java and .NET platforms, Metex has assembled a comprehensive suite of modernization tools, systems and services.

The Metex application modernization process uses the industry’s most advanced automated tools, sophisticated modernization technologies and professional services to produce a high-quality, native-style, multi-tier modern application.

Metex has built its industry leading client server modernization solution on the following key principles:

The Highest Quality of Transformed Code

The Metex modernization solution produces much higher code quality than standard code conversion or code migration processes.

By utilizing Metex’s unique combination of modernization products and services, clients can migrate from 2-tier Client Server applications to modern 3-tier Java or .NET architectures and receive code that reduces ongoing cost of ownership and is much easier to maintain.

Competitive Pricing

A Metex modernization project can be completed in less time and at a lower cost than a manual code re-write and delivers far better value than a simple code conversion or code migration.

World Class Experience

Metex has a core group of highly skilled technical experts that have been developing and transforming client server applications for over 10 years.

Continuous Enhancement of Automated Tools

Metex has developed the industry’s most advanced suite of automated code modernization tools. These tools are continuously improved to add powerful features and further minimize modernization project time, cost and risk.


The Metex application modernization solution is the leading option for modernizing legacy client server applications to multi-tier Java or .NET architectures.   By using a unique combination of advanced automated tools and modernization technologies, Metex is able to deliver high-quality code in a much shorter time than traditional migration options.   Metex has successfully completed more client server modernization projects over the previous 10 years than any other vendor.



Metex has been delivering application modernization solutions for the previous 10 years and has now transformed over 100 million lines of 4GL code.   By combining a core team with extensive experience, the most advanced suite of application modernization technologies and the use of advanced automated tools, Metex is able to deliver high-quality Java or .NET code while minimizing project cost and duration.

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