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A Modular Full-Cycle Livestock Supply Chain Information Management Solution

The Metex Ag-Trade solution is highly effective way to manage all information associated with all key players in a Livestock Market supply chain including: producers, assemblers, logistics providers, transporters and processors.

Ag-Trade is highly configurable to suit business practices and regulatory requirements specific to various market sizes and types of livestock markets. Ag-Trade has proven its effectiveness while being used to manage the $750 million pork market in Ontario, Canada.

Ag-Trade is Segmented into Three Modules

All modules are flexible and designed to be adapted to the needs of the individual user, and to enhance the transparency of negotiation between sources of supply and demand:

  • The Players Module - maintains information on producers, transporters, assembly yards, cooperatives, packers and other industry stakeholders
  • The Auction and Contract Module - supports both auction and contract-based price determination and allocation mechanisms, and supports specialized contract or auction features
  • The Booking Module - books livestock into a packing plant schedule, and can track all scheduling details and revisions

In the 1990s, Metex developed applications under contract to corporations and government clients but also developed applications for specific vertical markets such as telecommunications and agriculture marketing boards. Although Metex no longer develops new applications, we continues to support and maintain applications that have been sold in the previous 10 years.



In 1999, the Metex management team created a new division that would exclusively focus on the modernization of client server applications to Java or .NET. The planned approach for this new division would be different than what many other competitor companies were doing. The Metex approach would use customized in-house automated tools that would dramatically improve productivity, but never compromise code quality.

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