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Application Modernization

The Bridge from Client Server to Modern Architectures

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Application Enhancement During Modernization


Metex provides a range of application improvement services during the modernization project, which provides real business value beyond the technical Java or .NET upgrade.

Standard Application Improvements during Metex Modernization

The following application improvements provide a few examples of standard features included in Metex modernization projects:

  • Converting client server applications into a modern n-tier Java or .NET applications with a well-organized code structure.
  • An improved User Interface that employs style sheets to render screens or pages.
  • Centralized logging and exception handling.
  • Code optimization and refactoring using the most current Java or .NET functions.

Optional Offerings during Metex Modernization

The following application offerings are some examples of features and services that may be selected for implementation during Metex modernization projects:

  • Support for localization or internationalization.
  • Making business components reusable for other applications.
  • Conversion of screens for multiple device access (e.g. wireless PDA).
  • SOA integration with other applications.
  • Extended browser and O/S support.
  • Project Artifacts in support of Customer specific SDLC processes (i.e. Agile, CMMI, RUP).
  • Preparation of a comprehensive suite of re-usable test cases.
  • Automated Test Scripts to reduce test cycle durations.
  • Performance Testing to obtain an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance before going live.
  • Ongoing Maintenance/Support for Legacy or Modernized application.



Metex consultants optimize the true value added to a modernization project by reviewing opportunities for application enhancements, upgrades and re-engineering.

The Metex application modernization process is an ideal time to implement legacy application changes that might not be practical in the existing client server environment.

Metex has a wide range of expertise available to our clients including business analysts, User Interface designers, operation analysts and SOA process experts.

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