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The Metex edge for Client Server Modernization

Metex has become the world’s leading provider of client server modernization solutions by consistently delivering high-quality Java and .NET applications while minimizing project time, cost and risk.   Governments, Fortune 500 corporations and software companies around the world select Metex to modernize their legacy applications for the following reasons:
Modernized Applications with High-Quality Native-Style Code
There are many options for undertaking an application modernization project and the results may vary significantly.   Manual projects with a long duration and many developers may produce inconsistent code.   Simple code migration projects may deliver new code that resembles the original legacy language.

A Metex client server modernization project always produces a high-quality, native-style Java or .NET code structure.   By replacing the original look-and-feel of the legacy code with a modern 3-tier structure, the new application can easily be maintained by a Java or .NET developer without needing any knowledge of the original input language.   A modernized Metex application contains no proprietary libraries or external dependencies.   Upon completion of a Metex modernization project, the client receives 100% Java or .NET source code.
Metex has Completed More Client Server Modernization Projects than Any Other Vendor
Metex has transformed tens of millions of lines of 4GL source code and has developed and refined its automated modernization process, professional services and project management capabilities through the successful completion of hundreds of application modernization projects over the previous 10 years.   Metex has successfully delivered modernization projects in over 20 countries around the world.
Client Server Applications Improved and Modernized
Metex does more than simply convert legacy client server applications to modern 3-tier Java or .NET structures.   A Metex modernization project typically includes many application enhancements that are selected and specified by the client during collaborative planning prior to the start of the project.   Examples of application improvements include security upgrades, cascading style sheets for the User Interface, implementing SOA, removing redundant code and creating reusable components.
Competitive Fixed Price Projects with Detailed Project Plans
Metex offers a sophisticated suite of services that have been repeatedly proven over many successful modernization projects.   The advanced development of Metex’s analytics and processes allows Metex to quote projects on a fixed cost basis, which minimizes project risk and provides a clear timeline for project completion.
The Most Advanced Suite of Automated Modernization Tools
Metex has developed the industry’s most comprehensive suite of automated modernization tools.   These sophisticated technologies enable Metex to minimize the modernization project time while optimizing code quality.   The Metex tools have been extensively developed and refined over many years and continuous development ensure that Metex remains at the leading edge of industry standards. 

Metex is the high quality / low risk option for a modernization project. The methodology that Metex utilizes to transform client server applications to 3-tier structures in Java and .NET has been proven on countless projects of varying sizes that express a wide range of architecture options. The crisp timelines that Metex sets forth in completing a project are deadlines that other competitors simply can not match. The innovative project management methodologies, one-of-a-kind suite of automated tools, and experience that has been retained for over a decade. Put simply, the knowledge-base of the Metex professional services team is unparalleled which inevitably yields a high quality, low risk modernization.


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