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Application Modernization

The Bridge from Client Server to Modern Architectures

  Modernization Overview
  Modernization vs Migration
  Architecture Selection
  Modernization Process
  Application Improvements
  The Metex Advantage
  Database Modernization
  The Metex Advantage
  Legacy Application Modernization Report Conversion
  1. Both produce high-quality code.

  2. The Metex Application Modernization project can be completed in far less time.

  3. A Metex Application Modernization has a much lower cost.

  4. A Metex project has much lower risk.

  • Clients must be able to select their desired target application architecture.
  • Multiple automated tools are used for different tasks and employed according to the selected architecture.
  • Code created by automation must be native-style .NET or Java.
  • Clients must be able to maintain clear visibility of the mutually agreed project plan.
  • Clients receive all source code and have no proprietary external dependencies.

Application Modernization  

Code Transformation and Modernization  

Metex Modernization Solution

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