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Metex History

A Leader in Client Server Application Development

Metex was founded in 1989 and quickly emerged as a high-performance IT development organization that provided customized enterprise-level client server solutions for a variety of industries including telecommunications, agriculture, energy and government.   During this time, Metex developed and supported applications written in a wide range of 4GL languages including Centura, C++, Delphi, PowerBuilder and Visual Basic.

Selected as Rational Software's First Solution Partner Based on Solid 4GL Knowledge

In 1992, Rational Software commissioned Metex to develop a software solution to connect its Rational Rose product to various 4GL languages including PowerBuilder and Centura.   The resulting Metex Rational Rose Link solution has been deployed by hundreds of customers worldwide and Metex maintained a strong partnership with Rational until its $2.1B acquisition by IBM in 2003.

Metex continued to deliver strategic, mission critical client server software solutions throughout the 1990’s addressing business requirements such as:

  • An Operations Support System for Group Telecom that optimized operations by integrating billing, gateway management and other provisioning systems.
  • A comprehensive billing solution for TELUS Mobility that enabled the company to integrate multiple invoicing systems from recent acquisitions onto a common platform.
  • A real-time auction system for the Ontario Pork Marketing Board that manages $800M in annual commodities trades.

Industry Leading Client Server Modernization Solutions

In 1999 Metex decided to further leverage its vast development experience and set out to provide a more effective method for modernizing client server applications written in 4GL languages.   Metex’s first release was a suite of tools that provided automated modernization from Centura Client Server to a multi- tier Java architecture.

The Metex tool suite was rapidly expanded to include .NET and support PowerBuilder, Delphi, C++ and a wide range of other 4GL languages.   The Metex modernization processes and technologies have been developed and refined over the previous ten years.   The Metex application modernization tool suite now includes over 30 different modernization tools that are used to create the various layers of a multi-tier .NET application.

By 2010, Metex has transformed more lines (100 million and counting) of legacy client server code to modern architectures than any other vendor.   Metex has successfully completed modernization projects for Governments, Fortune 500 corporations and software companies in over 20 countries around the world.



In 1999, Metex decided to enter the application modernization business and to revolutionize the automated migration process by developing a unique suite of advanced tools that would dramatically improve project productivity without compromising code quality.   This dedication led to the creation of the most sophisticated suite of application modernization technologies in the modernization business.



At Metex, we recognize that maintaining a leading edge modernization solution requires a continuous development effort.   The Metex suite of automated modernization tools is currently at its 7th generation and always supports the latest Java and .NET capabilities.

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